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Summit 2 Water Tank Project


A isometric image of two water tanks and a house, serviced by MGC Services.

Water Reservoir

An icon of a water pipe with a faucet on it, designed for MGC Services.


Project Details


The Town of Prescott Valley selected MGC for their Summit 2 Water Tank Project which featured a 3.0 MG prestressed concrete water storage reservoir. The project included water supply lines, 18” and 20” ductile iron yard piping, valves, storm drains, perimeter fencing, solar electrical system, SCADA programming, and EI&C. Site work consisted of retention basins, catch basins, water manholes, headwalls, landscaping, grading, access road, and trail restoration.

Key Features

  • In Association with Civiltec Engineering Inc.
  • 3.0 MG Water Storage Reservoir
  • Solar Electrical System
  • Water supply lines
  • SCADA programming
  • Environmental considerations
  • Prescott Valley, AZ
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