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Well Drilling & Equipping

For decades, MGC has been helping our clients provide clean water to their residents and businesses by drilling and equipping water wells. We have successfully completed well drilling and equipping projects for our clients across Arizona and Texas. Our experienced project teams work hand in hand with clients, hydrogeologists, engineers, and well drilling/equipping subcontractors to ensure that each project results in a high-quality and high production well. Each team member plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

We hold trust in our value-added partners and subcontractors, who bring vast experience in their respective fields to provide the most up to date work practices, equipment, and materials for each project. The construction of a high-quality water well is a complex process that requires team effort. The old idiom says it best – It takes a village.

We take pride in our safety culture, and safety is at the forefront of drilling and equipping operations. Along with the complicated nature of these projects, they also require large, heavy pieces of equipment that are often located near public or residential areas. MGC takes all possible measures to ensure that the public is safe and well insulated from any construction activities.

At MGC, we are committed to providing high-quality water wells through a collaborative effort with our clients, partners, and subcontractors, while prioritizing safety measures.

Sean Hoppel
Project Manager, Arizona

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MGC has been a water industry leader dating back to 1974, with the construction of our first water treatment plant. Utilizing our vast experience, team of high-quality personnel, and large pool of trusted suppliers and subcontractors MGC strives to meet and exceed the needs of our clients and customers while minimizing impacts to our clients processes as well as the public.

From rehabilitation to new construction and plant expansions, we establish the needs and constraints of our clients during the design phase and work collaboratively to ensure the public receives the highest quality product with minimal interruptions to their day-to-day use. Our projects have included construction of flocculation tanks, microfiltration systems, backwash systems, distribution pumps, chlorine scrubber systems, structural assessments and rehabilitations, membrane treatment plant construction, engineered building installations, GAC filtration systems, and electrical system improvements.

From our customer testimonials to the AZ Water Association’s Treatment Plant of the year, MGC is dedicated to the advancement of water quality for our communities and for future generations.

Mikhail Maltsev 
Project Manager, Arizona

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Groundwater Treatment

The critical purpose of Groundwater Treatment is to reduce illness caused by pathogens in drinking water.

MGC Contractors has a successful history of collaborating and constructing solutions for municipalities accountable for treating and managing contaminated or untreated groundwater. MGC Contractors has experience with virtually all groundwater systems which includes production wells, pH adjustment, various chemical feed systems, pressure filtration, and groundwater reinjection. Along with installation, MGC Contractors provides testing and commissioning of all equipment and associated accessories. We also provide detailed training put on by the manufacturers who are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of their systems.

Aron Soto
Senior Project Manager, Texas

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Water Reservoirs

One of MGC’s specialties is the construction of AWWA D110 Type I and II prestressed concrete tanks. With a strong understanding of the function, unique structural design, and the many features that a prestressed concrete tank can offer, MGC is a preferred contractor for the construction of this style of reservoir. We hold a strong relationship with tank design engineers and are well prepared to be an effective team member in assisting in the overall design of prestressed concrete tanks, and throughout the construction process. Through rigorous planning efforts, we utilize our in-house CAD department to verify that every step we take during the construction process has been thoroughly detailed with input from the field and all levels of management.

From conceptual layout and design to full tank construction, MGC Contractors has the expertise to effectively manage steel tank subcontractors in the construction of reservoirs. We also perform steel tank assessments alongside a tank subcontractor for the inspection, repair, and modifications to this style of tank. Our broad experience with steel tanks allows us to be flexible with the many features that steel tanks have to offer. Protection from corrosion in a steel tank is a critical element in the overall lifespan of the tank. MGC considers all materials used to ensure that our tanks are protected from galvanic corrosion with the latest technology available, whether it be cathodic protection systems, coating systems, or material isolation appurtenances.

Wesley Forster
Project Manager, Arizona

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Booster Pump Station

Booster pump stations play a vital role in water distribution systems and are strategically placed in key locations to ensure constant pressure and adequate water flow is supplied to end users. These stations are vital to daily life by delivering fresh drinking water to your homes.

MGC has many years of experience in constructing pump stations of all shapes and sizes. From booster pump stations with vertical turbine pumps to horizontal split case centrifugal pumps, MGC has well rounded knowledge in all types of booster pump station configurations. MGC constructs and manages all aspects of booster pump stations from NTP through final completion. Including all structural, mechanical, and electrical components of the project. Before the stations are put into service, we go through an extensive startup/testing process to ensure the system is running at peak performance to deliver the maximum amount of water to the system in the most efficient way. MGC knows how important these facilities are and takes deep pride in our ability to perfect their construction in a timely manner.

By leveraging our experience with value engineering and constructability reviews, we can deliver the project at lower cost, a faster pace, and still provide maximum functionality of the facility.

Cody Fowlkes
Project Manager, Texas

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Lift Station

Lift Stations are necessary in low areas of land, or where pipe depths underground become excessive, and allow the wastewater to be lifted to a higher elevation to flow by gravity or be pumped under pressure to a treatment plant or other facility. MGC provides expert services for both Lift Station rehabilitation and new construction.

Our rehabilitation experience includes design assistance and setting up and maintaining bypass pumping operations to keep the wastewater flowing for the duration of the work. Once we have the bypass in place, we begin the rehabilitation process that can include cleaning and replacing the wet wells, hatches, and associated piping, removing, and replacing corrosion coatings, removing and replacing odor control systems, etc. During this process we provide all necessary support and construction resources to restore the system to functionality.

For new construction, we excel in providing pre-construction services, including design review, and value engineering, to achieve the highest quality results. Our expertise includes the construction of wet wells, pump systems, force mains, odor control systems, chemical systems, yard piping, and all necessary appurtenances. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and ensure minimal impact to those within the service area or vicinity of the site.

Kathryn Hixson
Project Manager, Arizona

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Underground pipeline utilities and services are an integral part of our local infrastructure systems, distributing clean water to households and business while transferring our wastewater for treatment through an independent system. These distribution pipelines are a vast and complex network that constantly needs to be updated and expanded to meet the growing and changing demands.

MGC specializes in the installation and remediation of underground pipelines and associated facilities and structures. Whether working in a busy city street or in a rural setting, MGC has provided services to our customers, installing new distribution lines and connecting to old ones for decades. MGC takes pride in breathing new life into aging systems, whether that’s rehabbing existing utilities through concrete and pipe repairs, or replacing with new parts, new coatings, etc. An established history of success and quality makes MGC a “go to” team for many utility providers and municipalities.

Clint Crawford
Project Manager, Texas

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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment or Sewage treatment refers to the various processes used to convert waste or sewage water into effluent that is suitable for many uses including return to lakes or rivers, reuse for irrigation systems or even direct potable reuse in some areas. Here at MGC, our Employee Owners take pride in our vast knowledge of these processes. MGC’s resume includes decades of experience in Wastewater treatment plant projects, ranging from complete greenfield plants to minor retrofits. Whether your needs are in the primary, secondary, tertiary or solids handling phase of the treatment process, MGC is ready to provide you with the quality, performance, and value your project deserves.

Matt Olsen
Senior Project Manager, Texas

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Odor Control

An Odor Control System is utilized to mitigate a hazardous ambient air quality condition. Basically, it’s used to move negative quality air to a device/system that removes the hazardous/offensive contaminates and then return the cleaned air to the atmosphere. We have experience with many types and configurations of Odor Control Systems, most systems share many common components such fans, ductwork, dampers, pumps, piping, and scrubbers. The point of mitigation at which odor causing contaminates, such as hydrogen sulfide/H2S, are addressed is what differentiates one type of Odor Control System from another. In the water industry, most Odor Control Systems can be divided into one of three treatment style categories: Adsorption, Chemical Treatment and/or Biological Treatment.

MGC has prior successful installation and start-up/commissioning experience with each type of Odor Control System. We can provide you with a system that meets your needs and expectations. We also have resources available to help you rehabilitate an existing Odor Control System if that suits your needs.

Bill Frederick
Project Manager, Arizona

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Water Reuse

MGC has been involved with advanced water treatment systems for many years.  However, with the need for water in drought-stricken areas combined with advancing technologies, water reuse infrastructure is becoming more commonplace in the water and wastewater industry.  MGC has been building and maintaining wastewater treatment plants in several cities that treat water for reuse purposes.  Here are some types of projects MGC has constructed that include water reuse efforts:

  • Vadose Zone Recharge Wells – This technology and process has been around for some time; where effluent water is pumped back into the aquifer for storage and future use by production wells.
  • Reclaimed Water Systems – Facilities produce reclaimed water that is distributed to parks and golf courses for irrigation purposes.

These systems facilitate water conservation, which leads to not only cost savings for both the treatment facilities and the end users, but also helps to secure future water supplies for times of scarcity. MGC is excited to evolve with water reuse technologies and help build for the future.

Josh Hoffert 
Project Manager, Arizona

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Valve Maintenance

MGC provides maintenance and rebuilding services on a variety of valves. We have dedicated crews and service trucks to maintain and rebuild onsite pressure sustaining valves, pressure reducing valves, pump control valves, and air relief valves with confined space entry equipment and personnel.  MGC has years of experience with valve maintenance programs and completes this work efficiently, leading to cost savings and equipment longevity for the client.  MGC also has experience with managing valve and actuator replacements.  We have a history of being called on an emergency basis to remove and replace worn or broken valves and actuators.  MGC also maintains an inventory of parts, which are managed through asset tracking software to ensure timely repairs or replacements.

Irvin Bedonie
Project Manager, Arizona

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With both water and wastewater, treatment through disinfection is critical to providing a safe product.

MGC has been a part of many water treatment projects involving the installation of disinfection systems and is well versed in various methods of disinfection. Chlorination, sometimes combined with dechlorination, is the most common type of disinfection in our industry and we excel in the installation of each. Less common, but still within MGC’s expertise, are ultraviolet radiation and ozone systems. Like our clients, all disinfection methods are unique and implemented based on the characteristics of the existing system.

Whether it is treated wastewater, ultimately ending its journey into a local waterway, or disinfected potable water ending in a drinking glass, MGC is doing its part to ensure it is safe.

Ross Shores
Project Manager, Arizona

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