Our Services

Well Drilling & Equipping

Well drilling is how we are able to get ground water pulled to the surface for use throughout your city. MGC does Groundwater Recharge Wells, Vadose Zone Recharge Wells,  Production Wells, and Aquifer Storage & Recovery Wells.

Water Treatment

Here at MGC we specialize in Water Treatment, the process that improves the quality of water for a specific end-use. We are experienced in all types of water treatment including arsenic, phosphate, and nitrate removal. Treated water may be used for drinking, irrigation, and storage among other things. Having properly treated water is crucial for daily life. MGC is proud to have provided this service for over 45 years! 

Groundwater Treatment

Groundwater Treatment may include removing and abating various contaminants, including Arsenic, TCE, PFAS, PFOS, TDS, and Nitrates. MGC has installed treatment systems to remediate these contaminants and is especially accomplished at constructing systems for the removal of Arsenic and Nitrates.

Water Reservoirs

Water Reservoirs are used to collect and store water for future use. MGC builds Prestressed, Conventional, and Steel Reservoirs as well as rehabilitates existing structures. 

Booster Pump Station

Booster Pump Stations are a vital component of virtually every municipal water distribution system. 

They are typically used to help convey water from a water storage tank to the end users (i.e., homes and businesses). MGC has installed, replaced, and rehabilitated over 150 Booster Pump Stations. 

Lift Station

Lift Stations are a vital component to the wastewater treatment process. Lift stations are used to move wastewater from lower to higher elevation, particularly where the elevation of the source is not sufficient for gravity flow and/or when the use of gravity conveyance will result in excessive excavation depths and high sewer construction costs. MGC specializes in the upgrades, rehabilitation, and new construction of Lift Stations. 


Pipelines play a major part in many municipal water systems. They can be used to convey water, wastewater, as well as various chemical services across treatment plants, neighborhoods, cities, and even between cities. Pipelines can vary in diameter and material based on the desired application. MGC can install all types of pipelines, whether it’s a short run of a few feet or a water main of several miles. 

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment plants vary in size and complexity as well as in the types of systems used within, but they are all designed to accomplish the ultimate goal of effectively treating millions of gallons of municipal wastewater each day. MGC specializes in the new construction, expansion, and rehabilitation of all types of wastewater treatment plants.

Odor Control

Proper odor control is a very important aspect when it comes to wastewater treatment. At MGC, we help our customers help our neighbors with this important issue. 

Water Reuse

Water reuse (also commonly known as water recycling or water reclamation) reclaims water from a variety of sources then treats and reuses it for beneficial purposes such as agriculture and irrigation, potable water supplies, groundwater replenishment, industrial processes, and environmental restoration. Water reuse can provide alternatives to existing water supplies and be used to enhance water security, sustainability, and resilience.  MGC provides construction and maintenance services for the systems which help gather, treat, and distribute reclaimed water.

Valve Maintenance

We maintain valves of all types! Valves prevent excessive flow by limiting flow to a preselected maximum rate. This is an important part of getting water from one place to another.  


Water disinfection is a key step in the water treatment process. It prevents the spread of waterborne disease by reducing microbes and bacterial number, in return making the water safe for use. Some ways in which water can be disinfected are OSHG/Chlorine, Liquid & Gas Cl & SO2, UV, and Microfiltration.

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