Employee owned mgc quality performance value.

Water Resources Integration Program Phase 2


A isometric image of two water tanks and a house, serviced by MGC Services.

Water Reservoir

A blue robot from MGC Services on a white background.

Pump Stations

An icon of a water pipe with a faucet on it, designed for MGC Services.


Project Details


MGC was selected by San Antonio Water System for the construction of pump station improvements at three existing sites located throughout Bexar County including a new 7.5 MG ground storage tank, new 55 MGD booster pump station equipped with adjustable frequency drives (AFDs), new surge tanks, control valves and structures, concrete foundations, large diameter steel yard piping, cathodic protection, electrical and instrumentation equipment including new additional transformers, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) improvements to existing building and other site improvements for a complete in-place facility.

Key Features

  • In Association with TetraTech
  • 55 MGD Pump Station
  • 7.5 MG Water Reservoir
  • Large diameter steel yard piping¬†
  • San Antonio, TX
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