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Queen Creek Water and Wastewater Facilities General Construction


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Wastewater Treatment

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Water Treatment

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Water Reservoir

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Booster Pump Station

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Valve Maintenance

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Lift Stations

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Odor Control

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Project Details


With over 30 Job Orders, this JOC program has included a variety of water production, water treatment, and wastewater treatment services.

On-site construction services have included: pre-stressed concrete water reservoirs, dual-zone vertical turbine booster pump stations, hydopneumatic tank systems, lift station rehabilitations, electrical enclosures, steel reservoir tank assessments, and rehabilitations, electrical equipment and instrumentation, site grading and surfacing, chlorine systems, and structural concrete.

Off-site construction services have included the installation of two miles of C-909 waterline (10”-16”) within the roadway, one mile of SDR-35 gravity sewer (18”), jack-and-bore under high traffic roadways, tie-ins, and roadway improvements.

Key Features

  • Job Order Contracting
  • In Association with Hilgartwilson
  • AWWA D110 Prestressed Concrete Reservoirs
  • Multiple sites
  • Rehabilitations
  • 30 Job Orders
  • Queen Creek, AZ
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