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EPCOR Utilities - PW-2 Well Equipping Project


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Well Drilling & Equipping

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Booster Pump Station

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Project Details


This project included the upgrade of an existing water transmission system with a new well pump (PW-2), well collection line, and electrical upgrades. The equipping of PW-2 provides redundancy to the the existing water system and adds additional capacity. With the installation of the new well pump, EPCOR is able to convey an additional 2,800 gallons per minute (GPM), which is just over 4 million gallons per day (GPD). the PW-2 Well Equipping Project was Phase 1 of 3 on a master plan designed to ultimately convey 18 MGD of water across central Texas.

This was the first EPCOR project awarded to MGC in Texas, however, MGC has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with EPCOR throughout our history, having completed several projects in Arizona. We look Forward to the opportunity to earn EPCOR’s business and partnership in the future.

Key Features

  • In Association with CP&Y
  • Completed November 2017
  • Caldwell, TX
  • Well Drilling & Equipping
  • General Contractor
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